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PETALING JAYA: Pos Malaysia Bhd reported a smaller net loss of RM5.25mil in the second quarter ended June 30, 2022 (2Q22) compared with a net loss of RM121.84mil in 2Q21. This was attributable to effective cost management and lower staff cost that was brought about by its mutual separation scheme (MSS) exercise.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, the local postal delivery service provider said its cost management efforts resulted in lower transportation and delivery costs in financial year 2022.

The MSS implemented has also reduced staff costs. Other than that, Pos Malaysia’s efforts to raise product yield has led to an increase in average revenue per item in the quarter.

Revenue for 2Q22 dropped 3% to RM517.26mil from RM533.9mil last year while loss per share stood at 0.67 sen from 15.57 sen previously.

For the first six months in 2022 (1H22), Pos Malaysia posted a smaller net loss of RM35.62mil versus RM168.63mil last year while revenue decreased 11.3% to RM1bil against RM1.13bil previously.

Among the reasons for this is the drop in earnings in the group’s postal segment by 17%. This was influenced by the decline in the group’s courier business, which was hampered by the decrease in parcel volume, especially from contract customers.




Another factor was the lower revenue in Pos Malaysia’s logistic segment by 15% at RM158.6mil in 2Q22, from RM187.4mil last year.

The decrease is mainly from the group’s freight management business due to high demurrage and detention charges amounting to RM19.1mil.

Additionally, the aviation segment had a higher revenue at RM121mil from RM100.99mil the prior year.

This was largely driven by higher cargo tonnage handled and increased number of flights that resulted in higher ground handling revenue in 1H22.

Pos Malaysia also attributed 1H22 results to its “others” segment that registered RM65.1mil in revenue during the period, an increase of 22% compared to 1H21, mainly contributed by sales from Ar-Rahnu.

Moving forward, the group projected the consumer environment in 2H22 to be more challenging.

It said it will be focusing on delivering a profitable parcel and retail business. Pos Malaysia will also transform its core and optimise margin-led businesses.