What about your promises to the people, Muhyiddin?

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MUYHIDDIN Yassin recently declared that in Islam, when a promise is made, it must be fulfilled.

He was responding to questions from reporters who asked him about the agreement between Prime Minister ismail Sabri Yaakob and Perikatan Nasional (PN).

The ruling coalition of PN has since revealed that it had an agreement with ismail prior to his being appointed PM. It said Ismail had promised a number of cabinet positions to Bersatu, including the appointment of deputy prime minister.

Muhyiddin wants the PM to honour his promises.

But what about the promises Muhyiddin and coalition partners in Pakatan Harapan made to the voters in 2018?

Bersatu, which was part of the PH coalition in 2018, made a lot of promises to the voters and failed to fulfil most of them. This was admitted by the Bersatu’s chairman when he was questioned on PH’s failure to deliver on its manifesto.

Five and a half million Malaysians voted PH into power in May 2018.


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The remaining 6.7 million valid votes were split among the Umno-led BN coalition, PAS and Sabah and Sarawak parties.

Instead of striving with its allies in PH to deliver their promises to the people, Bersatu withdrew from the coalition, thus causing the collapse of the two-year-old administration.

Bersatu then formed a new, informal coalition with the BN parties and PAS to take over the government, a government that did not have the people’s mandate.

Not only did Bersatu not fulfil its promises to the people, it also betrayed those 5.5 million voters who voted for its and the PH coalition. 

If Muhyiddin and PNs feel betrayed by PM for not fulfilling his promises, 5.5 million Malaysians felt the same toward him and Bersatu,.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. – August 10, 2022.

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